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Troubled Teen Information

All help for parents and families of troubled teens - Both short-term and long-term

There are many families that are struggling with the defiant children and looking for ways that are helpful in dealing with various issues. Lots of opportunities are available for the people seeking help for their troubled children. Low cost and advanced facilities are made available to the troubled parents as well as the children that help them to overcome the problematic issues. This site provides details on specialty boarding schools and residential programs that are the best options available for the youth. Military style training is provided to make the young adults active and intellectually strong. Opportunity to enhance the creative skills is also provided in the summer camp programs organized for the struggling teenagers. Information related to free counseling and consulting facility can also be reviewed that is provided to the troubled families so that they can learn to handle their troubled youth.

Following are the help options that are available for the troubled teens:

- Therapeutic boarding school
- ADHD Christian schools for boys
- Residential treatments
- Wilderness programs for defiant girls
- Summer camps
- Boot camps for struggling boys and girls
- Specialty schools
- Drug rehabs

Generally, it is a very difficult decision for the parents of the troubled teens to send their children away from home. But enrolling the youth in the residential programs helps them to excel physically, mentally and intellectually and gain excellence in all fields of their life. Twenty four hour assistance is provided to the troubled teenagers from the experienced professionals who guide the troubled behavior of the youngsters throughout the program. Individual guidance is another important feature of the boarding schools. Trainers mentor the troubled boys and girls individually and provide support in all possible ways. Sending the children away from their homes instill several skills like independence, confidence and responsibility in them. Boot camps and wilderness centers are there to prepare the struggling teenagers to face challenges of life.

Troubled cares for you and your family. We know that a troubled teen disturbs the peace of an entire family and that instant care and action is needed. But we believe that reading and learning through others experiences will help you more than going directly to a therapist. So do try to locate yourself in any of our sections.